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Kathy Goode  9/15/14

My furface Coop spent 2 weeks at Wyeth Meadows! He loved it.. I picked him up last night and he was over the top to see me!!! He was napping today and it's the 1st time he wagged his tail while napping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy DeLuca  9/12/14
I can't say enough about Wyeth Meadows. Donna and Susan are the best. I would never leave Luca anywhere but here. Luca is given the royal treatment. He actually wanted to stay when I came to pick him up. I have peace of mind when I leave him with Donna and Susan. They are patient, loving and trusting. I have been to other places in the area and would never ever go back. I have a hard time trusting anyone with my little buddy, but I feel comfortable leaving him and know he is going to be given.

K Micheal Hofer  8/10/14

Just picked up our Border Collie and this business knows how to care for your dog!! Want to go away and not be worried about a big part of your family, then this is the place to be!!

Wendy Grubb King  9/20/14

Coopers first visit and we loved it!! He was cared for so well and had such a great time! He will be back!

Vicki Zaharopoulos  6/20/14

I am very pleased with my experience here. Thank you Donna and Susan for watching  Zoe. She loves you both very much.

Madeleine Heaney Lainoff  9/4/14

Wyeth Meadows is just fantastic! Susan and Donna do such an amazing job caring for the dogs! My three little cuties have stayed with them twice and I have been so impressed. The facilities are outstanding, and their genuine care and love for the dogs is heartwarming!

Yyvvon D. Riggins  6/20/14

I finally have peace of mind leaving my Zorro when I travel! Susan and Donna are wonderful with Zorro and he loves them both! These 2 ladies treat each animal in their care as their own. It is obvious that they love each and every dog who passes time at Wyeth Meadows! They know the individual needs and idiosyncrasies of each of their charges. A stay at Wyeth Meadows Doggy Inn is the next best thing to your dog being at home with his loving family! It is now the ONLY place for my Zorro when I travel!

Deidre Ditzel Costa  9/28/14

Thank you for taking great care of Henry!!!!! We appreciate you spending so much time with him and letting him hang out in the office with you. He truly loves people and you understood that and made him feel better by hanging out with you! Extra thanks for bringing Julie in to ensure he wouldn't be scared or have any issues with separation anxiety. You are wonderful people and you really treat the dogs staying there like they were your own. Hugs and wags from Henry and Matt and I.

Alan J Matas  9/22/14

I can’t believe how lucky I was to have found Wyeth. Gracie was suffering from a torn ACL and the care, not to mention the pain relief,  that was given allowed me to go away with minimal concern. They are the best and now I no longer have to worry about where Gracie will stay. Thank you for all your love and kindness.

Ellen Goldstein  8/11/14

I found Wyeth Meadows Doggie Inn by sheer coincidence. Unable to use my regular kennel I was referred to Donna and Susan. We took Duncan for a visit and he made the decision quite readily that this place would work just fine. We have left him under their care twice. Both times Duncan was greeted with love and attention and unconditional caring. The facility is set back in a wooded, quiet area and is absolutely immaculate. We were sent a text and a photo while we were gone keeping us up to date on Duncan’s stay. When we picked him up he was happy, calm and relaxed. While he was happy to see us, it was apparent he had his own vacation. I cannot recommend this wonderful place enough for your dog. Susan and Donna are “dog experts” who truly treat your animal as if he were their own…they even did Duncan’s laundry. I am truly grateful I stumbled upon this remarkable place for my pet and will most certainly be back.